Pit Bull’s BBQ School – From Concept to Creation – Part I By: Danny Coogle, Pitmaster

July 2, 2012 in Online BBQ School by Pit Bull's "Up In Smoke" BBQ Team

Pit Bull's Up in Smoke BBQ School

Pit Bull's Up in Smoke BBQ School

This is Part I of a several articles I am writing about the New Pitbull’s BBQ School showing how it was taken from an idea and brought into creation.  We began this school when we discovered that there was a true need for it.  Having had many people approach me about how we went from zero to top 5 in a matter of just a couple of years, the idea of this cutting edge school came into existence.  

Beginning the production of the school was thrilling but I never realized how much work would ultimately go into this “idea”.  It had to be perfect for my fellow BBQ brothers and sisters.  I wasn’t going to settle for any sub-par approach.  

With Pitbull’s BBQ School being a comprehensive, yet light and fun online school dedicated to those with a passion for BBQ and success, we began the daunting task of filming the classes.  It took nearly four months for us to shoot, edit, re-shoot and edit again.  I did practice runs on all my cook times and methods that are in the online BBQ school (Low & Slow and Hot & Fast).  

Danny Coogle - Pit Bull's Up in Smoke BBQ School

Danny Coogle - Pit Bull's Up in Smoke BBQ School

Personally, my competition cooks are a combination of Hot & Fast and Low & Slow.  I had to divide my spreadsheet to provide a complete Hot & Fast and a complete Low & Slow method in all categories.  Everyone prefers different methods and it was crucial that I have it all laid out in our BBQ school.  Cooking Hot & Fast and Low & Slow in all categories wasn’t that difficult, I just had to go back and refresh myself (since I am fixed in my competition cook style.)

All four categories – chicken, ribs, pork, and brisket were filmed in two ways – a controlled environment and then again at an actual competition where, yes, we are competing.  In the controlled environment, I was able to go in depth and spend time on each of the categories from the time I opened the cryovac from the store all the way through to turn in.  

Take chicken, for example.  We cover the different types of chicken and the different methods of preparing those stubborn chicken thighs. I went through great pains to explain why some brands may need to have the skin scraped while other brands wouldn’t need scraping.  I explained the differences between an organic chicken versus non-organic. The different types of preparation processes that work well, depending on what part of the country you are competing in or the types of teams you might be competing against, I also covered.

From trimming to seasoning, how to season and when to season – we covered it.  I explained why I cook at certain temps and not other temps.  From that point, I covered cook process for chicken, which as we all know, is one of those categories that can often be a thorn in our side because it can be so damn hard to cook if you don’t have the understanding of the chicken – it’s a “relationship” you develop!  

Believe me when I say that chicken can (and does) come out moist and delicious with a bite-through skin, in a timely manner, and end up on the table in front of all those eagerly awaiting judges nice and hot and ready to score!  Yes, we did this type of “controlled environment” filming for all four of the categories.

After filming the controlled environment, we began filming at competitions.  Here you will get to see us move through the chicken cook at an actual competition where you will see that basically the same is transpiring but not as an overall in-depth study.  You will see me preparing, trimming, seasoning, cooking, preparing the chicken for turn-in, and finally placing it in the turn-in box for the turn-in.

I really felt compelled and held strong to the important idea of filming the overall cook of each category at an actual competition.  It is important to me because I don’t want you locked into one method (my method) but instead, offer you different methods to find one that suits you.  Quite frankly, all the cook methods covered work very well and will fit whatever cook outcome you are looking to achieve.  

The competition videos are exciting and make you feel like you are right there with us.  You get the opportunity to see the “ inner workings” of the Pit Bulls “Up In Smoke” BBQ trailer as well as what is happening all around us at a contest while we are competing.  Waking up at 5 a.m. with eyes half open and the sounds of crickets – you are right there with me all the way through to when the “buzz” begins to build around us during turn-in with my anxious wife counting down the minutes, the seconds, leading up to when she has to close the turn-in box and take off like a bat out of hell to get to turn-in.

Pit Bulls BBQ School is truly a one-of-a-kind online school.  It is a BBQ school currently unmatched in the BBQ Competition industry right now.  So, check out the online class at www.pitbullsbbqschool.com and start winning.

We would also like to thank our sponsors Moore’s Marinade and Royal Oak Charcoal for their continuing support of our team, Pit Bulls “Up In Smoke”.  

See all of you soon on the Barbecue Trail!

Your Pitmaster,

Danny Coogle



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